Factory Show

Here you will have a good visiing to our tea company although you didn’t come to our factory before. We list our factory clearly in order to make all customer to know us well ,establish long term business. Not one time business.


This is our tea garden, all of our teas like black tea and fannings, Puer Tea and fannings,Green Tea and fannings all are pluck from our tea garden which is managed carefully, low fertilizes and pesticide residuce. make our tea leaf fresh,sunny.

Thus our teas is organic and reach the standard of EUROFINS

tea factory3

This is package area,all the tea package finisehd within this arear,the package worker is skill, all package of black tea and fannings,Pu-Erh Tea and fannings,Green Tea and fannings can reach customer’s request

tea factory2
tea factory

Advanced machinery and equipment invested into production, processing and packaging. that’s make our efficent to finish all order, assure the lead time fast and quality guaranteed